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Advanced Computing Group


Physical Solutions provides advanced computing designs and solutions.

The Python Computing Block is a configuration of multichip modules that provides the following military and commercial advantages:

Module Based Expandability to any Size - PetaFLOP Capable

Multicore Processor Computing Power - 64 bit

100% Software Compatibility to Mainframe Super Computers

Reduced Power - about half as much as Current Super Computers

Reduced System Heat Generation - Requires Less Cooling

About 10% of the Cost of Current Super Computers

30:1 Size Reduction of Current Super Computers

15:1 Size Reduction of Competitive Miniturized Systems

0.2 TFLOP System Occupies 0.125 cubic feet

Shared Memory System with less than 1 microsecond latency

System Can Be Configured to Operate at Elevated Temperatures

Future Processor Capable - New Processors will Work with System

Programmable I/O Structure

All Solid State - No Moving Parts - No Interconnect Cables

Secure Inter-Communication System

Appications Include:

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Robotics

Advanced Replacement for Ship & Submarine Systems

Advanced Replacement for Avionics Systems

Future Soldier (Using a Single Quad Processor Module)

Advanced Computing Centers

Advanced Interdiscipline & Multi-Physcs Solutions
Physical Solutions Group